About DKPA

Over 40 Years

The DKPA was formed over 40 years ago by patients and staff for patients with renal failure who were undergoing haemodialysis at Wordsley Hospital in the West Midlands.

The charity therefore in those days was Wordsley Hospital Kidney Patients Association.

In 2006 Wordsley Hospital closed and the Renal Unit moved to Russells Hall Hospital and the charity stayed the same but the name changed to Dudley Kidney Patients Association.

As the Renal Unit expanded with different treatments available and more patients our Association grew to what it is today.


Supporting You

Dudley Kidney Patients Association (DKPA) has been representing Kidney Patients throughout the area covered by the Dudley Group of hospitals for over 40 years. We support people suffering from Kidney Disease or Renal Failure. We try to promote a wider knowledge of the problems of Kidney Patients amongst the public.

We co-operate with local organisations and statutory bodies with a view to improving the facilities for our Kidney Patients. We raise money to support our patients with a short holiday break in our caravan holiday homes, with transport costs for dialysis away from the hospital, with educational materials for the Renal Unit to use, with grants for specific needs and attendance at National conferences.

We have over the years been able with Grants and Fund raising to buy two caravan holiday homes for our patients to use. Patients have to organise their dialysis at local hospitals or come back for treatment but the caravans allow our
patients to have a break with their families to gain a little bit of ‘normality’. Most of the fundraising we do goes towards the upkeep of our holiday homes which are extremely appreciated by our patients. (See the page about the caravans on this website.)

We raise funds for our patients to be informed about their treatments, local and national issues with purchase of up to date literature and with the publication of our Communicator three times a year.

Want to donate to DKPA?

If you wish to donate to DKPA then contact the treasurer –
Sharon Orpen by phone on 07885 917255 or by email on [email protected].