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At DKPA we provide a paper-based  newsletter called The Communicator three times a year. If you want the editor to consider items for publication in this newsletter or on our website then use the contact form above to get in touch.

Contact Information

DKPA Email Address

Acting Chair, Sharon Orpen

01384 390092

Secretary and Caravan Holiday Co-ordinator, Judith Sidaway

01384 424456

Treasurer and Communicator Editor, Sharon Orpen

01384 390092

Shop Manager, Chris Taylor

01384 401111

Russells Hall Hospital

01384 456111

Renal Unit ext. 1197

CAPD Unit ext. 3388

General Committee Members

Margaret Acty

Paul Whitehouse

Chris Taylor

Claire Egan (Renal staff Member)

Ian & Mandy Houghton

Denise Bristow

Carole & Colin King

Jane Wheeler

Mel Bowater

David Pryer